How to Get Paint Off Leather Seats

Nothing gives your skin a lush feeling like leather seats do. Besides, leather seats offer your car or home a luxurious look. Additionally, they respond better to seat warmers. 

 If you take good care of your leather seats, leather seats will last you a lifetime.

Still, leather seats aren’t safe from getting permanent stains. A single drop of paint can be enough to ruin your leather seats.  Are you wondering how to get paint off your leather seats? In this article, we give you some top tips on how to get color off your leather seat:

How to Get Paint Off Leather Seats
How to Get Paint Off Leather Seats

Types of Paint Leather Stains and How to Remove Them 

Your leather seats can’t remain in pristine condition unless you clean them. Fortunately, there are different ways that you do this. 

But first, let’s take a look at each stain:

1. Wet paint on your leather seat

Seeing a drop of wet paint on your leather seat will drive you crazy. We get it. But not everyone can spot wet paint soon enough.

You’ll only notice tiny spots of wet paint on your leather if you are observant. Don’t delay removing damp paint from your leather seat if you do. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to remove the stain.  Once you see wet paint on your leather seat, you must remove it immediately. Preferably while it is still wet.

Solution: The safest way to remove wet paint on a leather seat is by using a flat tool. This could be anything, from a flat blade to a pallet knife or even a razor blade. 

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is to be careful not to cut your leather seat. And that takes dexterity with tools.

1: Use the flat tool to gently remove the drop of paint from the leather.

2. Ensure that you don’t cut your leather seat by mistake, keep it level. That will limit contact with the couch.

3. Alternatively, you can use water to remove wet paint on your leather seat or couch. A dry cloth like a towel will be ideal for this job. All you need to do is use the towel to absorb the paint’s moisture before it dries up. Then, you can use warm water and soap and apply it gently.

2. Water-based paint leather stain 

Sometimes water-based paint may splatter on your leather seats by accident. Fortunately, removing water-based paint from your leather is pretty straightforward. All you need is a wet towel and some warm water.

Solution: While you can still use a dry towel to remove water based paint, wet towels work much better. There is no need to apply force or rub your leather seat quickly. A gentle rub should be enough to remove the stain.

Keep this in mind: when you remove water-based paint, you should start from the outside of the stain. The rest of the paint is not likely to spread on your leather seat.

3. Oil-based paint leather stain 

Oil-based paint is another oil that is likely to find its way on your leather seat or couch. Spilling oil-based paint is common for most artists who use it to paint pictures. 

Once oil paint is dry, it may leave your leather seat with a permanent stain. So it is always advisable to remove it as soon as you can.

Solution: The best way to remove oil paint is by using olive oil. Oil will soften the paint and make it relatively easy to remove. 

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Get the olive oil and cotton cloth.

Step 2: Apply olive oil to the stain; this will slowly soak the stain. 

Step 3: Gently rub it with a cotton cloth.

4. Low paint leather stain 

A single drop of low paint may be enough to ruin your leather. The good news is it’s possible to remove it. 

Follow these easy steps to remove low paint on your leather seat:

Step 1: Find cooking oil (or baby oil) and a cotton cloth.

Step 2: Put a bit of oil on the cotton cloth, then dab it on the stain.

Step 3: Rub the cotton cloth gently on the stain.

Step 4: Once the stain is gone, wipe the area with a cloth.

5. Heavy paint leather stain 

Heavy paint stains can be one of the most stubborn stains. You will need chemicals and apply more strength to remove them on your leather.

Follow these easy steps:

Step 1: You will need a proper leather cleaner and a cloth. Consult your manufacturer if you are unsure which chemical will be appropriate.

Step 2: Apply the chemicals gently on your leather, and ensure the chemical doesn’t soak into the leather.

Step 3: Then, use warm water and soap to clean the chemical off the leather thoroughly.

Can you Use Non-acetone to Remove Nail Polish Stains on your Leather Seat?

Most definitely! Sometimes nail polish may find its way on your leather seat or couch. Removing nail polish on your leather sofa can be tricky.

Not only is nail polish stain hard to remove, but if not removed correctly, it may damage your leather seat.

Solution: If the stain hasn’t been on your leather couch or seat for long, non-acetone will work.  Non-acetone is an excellent solvent for removing acrylic, gel, and nail polish manicures. 

Follow these easy steps to use non-acetone to remove stains on your couch.

Step 1. Find a cotton pad.

Step 2. Apply a small amount of non-acetone to your cotton pad.

Step 3: Rub the cotton pad gently on the stain.

Step 4: To avoid discoloration of your leather couch or seat, do the entire area. 

How to Remove Dried Acrylic Paint from Leather 

There is a way to remove an acrylic paint stain from your leather seat or couch. 

For best results, use only water and soap.

Cleaning will increase the chances of removing the paint without damaging your leather. 

Follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Fill your bucket with warm water and soap. 

Step 2: Soak a sponge inside the water for a few minutes.

Step 3: Use the sponge to clean the acrylic paint on your leather seat or couch.

Step 4: Repeat this process until the sponge completely absorbs the paint from your leather.

How to Remove Latex Paint 

The safest way to remove latex paint on your leather is by using water. If that doesn’t work, try using vinegar and warm water. Avoid hydrogen peroxide chemicals as they may damage your leather.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Wash your hands.

Step 2: Pour warm water into a bucket, add a dash of vinegar and soak.

Step 3: Use a cloth to rub gently on the stain.

Does Vinegar Remove Paint from Leather? 

Vinegar is perfect for getting paint off your leather. But that will depend on what kind of paint is on your leather. Or whether the paint has dried up. 

You should follow these steps:

Step 1: Combine vinegar with a squirt of soap and warm water.

Step 2: Use a sponge to clean your leather.


The “How to get paint off leather seats” question is one of the most frequently asked questions. Still, only a few people end up with the correct answers. Count yourself lucky for reading this blog post. Remember, you will only get good results if you follow the above instructions to the letter. If you are unsure, hire a leather expert to help clean it. Leather experts will be better positioned to clean your leather without damaging it.

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